Ethiopia sayas US congress decision on H.R. 128 is Untimely & Inappropriate

Ethiopia foreign affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on its facebook page publish its stand on the decision made by the U.S congress is untimely and inappropriate.  Here is the full statement.

The Government of Ethiopia believes that the passing of the H. Res. 128 by the U.S. House was untimely and inappropriate. This simple resolution is counterproductive and is against the important partnership between the U.S. and Ethiopia. Those members of the House who cosponsored the resolution conspicuously failed to recognize the changing reality on the ground. Indeed, these members of the House merely wanted to please their constituencies.

The Ethiopian Government, in a bid to address public demands, has been exerting its utmost efforts to step up the protection and promotion of human rights and advance good governance as these are pillars to the democratization of the nation. Ethiopia demonstrated its commitment to democracy working closely with partners to advance human rights as provided in the Constitution. The Government of Ethiopia remains committed to its citizens in promoting accountability, justice, freedom, and the rule of law.

The House fails to take into account the situation on the ground. H. Res. 128 ignores the positive strides the country has made recently. Even if H. Res. 128 is not pending and just expiration opinion, the Government of Ethiopia has been working with members of the Congress including the leadership, providing information on the implementation of substantive reforms. In the past several months the ruling party and the Government of Ethiopia have been operating under new political dynamics, launching bold reforms aimed at increasing transparency and widening the country’s democratic space. Some of these initiatives include releasing prisoners, and working on stabilizing the situation in the region. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Phd) was sworn in last week and expressed the political will of the leadership to urgently undertake the multifaceted reforms that could address the grievance and concern of society in short course of time. This momentum created optimism in the country encouraging the leadership to embark on a promising future. That is why the Government of Ethiopia believes H.Res.128 is untimely and inappropriate.

At this crucial juncture, when the government is working to implement bold reforms this resolution tries to undermine the new political dynamism and fails to recognize the call by the Prime Minister to create all inclusive political platform.

While Ethiopia values its bilateral relations with the United States and works to promote regional peace and security in the Horn of Africa, the resolution undermines its sovereignty.

The Government of Ethiopia would also like to express its appreciation to those Members of Congress, Senate and Executive branch who, having evaluated the facts on the ground as well as weighing the importance of the bilateral relationship, worked against this biased resolution.

The Government of Ethiopia has been open to dialogue with all pertinent U.S. government bodies that have the view of constructive engagement. But it vehemently opposes H. Res. 128. The government believes that the U.S. Congress should focus on the implications and move forward to work with the Government of Ethiopia in its effort to finding sustainable solutions that properly address the situation on the ground and strengthen bilateral relationships.