Girma Zelleke ( Papa Senzero) passed away


A well Known Ethiopian Inventor Mr. Girma Zeleke died yesterday on 3/19/2018 in an accident in Ethiopia.He was murdered by his colleague and close relative  according to bawza source.   He was born and grown In B/dar ,Ethiopia.He attended his elementary and secondary schools in Bahir Dar and moved to technical vocational school in Asmera and graduated with electronics.

Girma Zelleke Ayalu

He established GZA Metal Works Enterprise that has been engaged in manufacturing advertising products such as prisma vision /electronically applied/ advertising sign boards and other products, including TV advertising through animation, where Senzero Kids animation was his master piece.

Girma through these experiences established a plastic doll manufacturing factory producing plastic doll products to the Ethiopian markets, where Senzero Brand doll for kids was the pioneer product to this factory and all were the first in Ethiopia. His work was the first computer animated film aired in Ethiopian Television kids program in 1998 G.C He was living  in USA with his family before he move to Ethiopia to work on the problem of lake Tana by founding a company called Esseyew water weed harvesting PLC.  Here is his senzero dancing eskista in Amharic and Oromipha from his youtube site: