Palestinian businessman who lived for 40 years in US deported to Jordan

Palestinian businessman Amir Othman had his Green Card confiscated and was deported from the US on 30 January 2018 arriving in Jordan the next day

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement organization (ICE) has expelled Palestinian agent Amir Othman to Jordan.

Experts captured the Othman, who had lived in the US for a long time, a month ago in readiness for his extradition.

His legal counselor, David Leopold, said in explanations that his customer was getting ready to leave the United States deliberately when he was captured.

The movement experts stripped Othman of his changeless residency allow – the Green Card – quite a long while prior asserting that his first marriage to an American native was phony despite the fact that his ex affirmed that the match were lawfully marriage.

Othman was not able get another residency allow in spite of being wedding Fida Musleh who holds US citizenship and having four little girls who hold American international IDs.