Ambassador Susanna Moorehead met Dr. Merera Gudina at the British Embassy, Ethiopia


British Embassy, addis ababa today released in their Facebook page as the ambassador met with the opposition leader Dr. Merara Gudina to discuss the current political condition in Ethiopia and ways in which the public can express themselves in a peaceful manner without it resulting in violence. Accordingly, the  Ambassador reiterated that the #UK welcomed the decision to release Dr. #Merera.

The German international safe haven Ambassador Wagener also met Dr. Merera Gudina on the finish of January. The Ambassador communicated Germany’s alleviation about Dr Merera’s discharge. She likewise offered Germany’s thanks for his determined and serene responsibility regarding encouraging Ethiopia’s majority rules system. Dr Merera likewise expressed gratitude toward the Ambassador for the persistent help that Germany has rendered to his case. He urged Germany to proceed with its commitments to finding an enduring answer for the political difficulties of the nation.