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VOA in Ethiopia

VOA Straight Talk Africa discussion on political development in Ethiopia

Shaka Ssali in his VOA straight Talk Africa discussing with different groups about the political development in Ethiopia and the current state of Emergency...
Lake Tana

Global Coalition for Lake Tana Restoration Fundraising March 17, 2018 in Washington DC

Golobal coalition for lake tana restoration is a group organized to create a healthy and ecologically well-conserved Lake Tana and its environment. The group organized fundraising...
Love one another

We should love one another: Andualem Aragie

Andualem Aragie was the Vice President and Press Secretary for Unity for Democracy and Justice (UDJP) party and he has two children named Nolawi...
Neway debebe

Artist Neway Debebe speeks about his trip to Ethiopia and Meles’s Song

Artist Neway Debebe speeks about his political stand and his critiques from different sources about his song to the late prime minster Meles Zenawi. https://www.facebook.com/bawzanews/videos/1946247258751233/

TPLF”s Conversion to a Carrot and Stick Policy | by Messay Kebede

I have read and listened to many attempts to explain the imposition of a state of emergency at this crucial juncture of deep political...
Jawar mohammed message to member of parliament

OMN Executive Director Jawar Mohammed message to Ethiopian Members of parliament

The executive Director of the Oromia Media Network (OMN), Mr. Jawar Mohammed address a message to Ethiopian members of Parliament to drop the State...

Words written under Emperor Menelik II Statue in Arada Giorgis

Menelik II Statue is a statue of the emperor sitting gloriously on a horse, and has been standing there since 1930. The statue was...
Ahmedin Jebel

Interview with Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel, a Must Watch Video

Ethiopian religious writer and leader of Ethiopian Muslim community  Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel was one among the prisoners  recently released from prison. He had an...
Military meeting between Sudan- Ethiopia

Sudanese-Ethiopian key military meeting commences in Khartoum

The second Sudanese-Ethiopian Military Strategic Forum has met in Khartoum on Monday. The Ethiopian assignment headed by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian...
largest plane

World’s biggest plane with a wingspan longer than a FOOTBALL FIELD – intended to...

The world's biggest plane is a bit nearer to its first flight subsequent to passing another significant point of reference. Named Stratolaunch, the flying machine...