Ethiopia: Hacked Facebook account reveals pro gov’t bloggers get paid up to 15,000 birr


~ የበዓል በስሙ እንኳን አደረሳችሁ ሲባል የቴሌ ኃላፊ መሆኑን የሚያስታውሱን አንዱዓለም አድማሴን ደህንነት መስርያ ቤቱ እየመረመረው ነው።

~ ዳዊት ከበደን በብር ይሸጠናል ብለው እየፈሩት ነው። ምርመራ እያደረጉበት ነው።

~ የደብረፅዮን የወሲብ ቅሌት ና መሰል ጉዳዮች፣ ገንዘብ፣
~ ዶክተር ነገሪ ሌንጮ አላሰሩ እንዳሏቸውና ከጉባኤ በኋላ ነገሪ ከቦታው ሲነሱ ሁሉንም እንደሚቆጣጠሩ፣ በተለይ ብሎገሮችን ውጭ ሀገር ልከው እንደሚያሰለጥኑ…

ሌላም ሌላም… ከስር ያለው ከሚኪ ገፅ የተገኘ ነው።
Gebremichael is Tigray region communication office head

Dawit – Dawit Kebede Awramba Times

Daniel – Daniel Berhane – Horn Affairs

Here is their conversation. The grammar and other language issues are their own

Zeray: dear hadush check your email
Hadush: thank you for sending me the code I have take it from the hacker
Hadush: hi zeray thank you
Zeray: Hadush you welcome
Hadush: where are you staying in Mekelle
Zeray: A.A.
Hadush: why
Zeray: I live in addis
Hadush: I know why not come for conferences
Zeray: nobody invited me hadusha
Hadush: I told them to include you
Zeray: Not body contacted me hadush
Hadush: I don’t know what’s wroing with gebremichael
Zeray: oh oh gebermichael does no believe that I am tegadalay I think haha
Hadush: which blogers did he include? Only Dawit not to include
Zeray: he has his own likes, he invited them. Kemue eyu bahriyatu
Hadush:He will be replace after the conferences
Zeray: I knew he killed Tigray media to develop his useless networks. He doesn’t like me I do not why

Hadush: Debrits invited Daniel not gebre. I am in Mekelle I will ask him
Zeray: Oaky hadusha good stay
Hadush: at least you will be pay for your service. They get 15,000 per diem
Zeray: I will be happy if it is possible and they can pay me Hadusha
Hadush: There is budget to transfer to new administration. I will tell him to pay you. You deserve
Zeray: Ohh thank you Haddusha I will expect that. Gebremichael dislike me just because I sometimes post about false reports and Tigv reporting styles. Then he was blackmailing me as negative
Hadush: He is not competent. Other regions have young communication head. Everybody asking me why we not have someone like addisu or nigussu
Zeray: I knew he was taken by network gobezay….then he is not expected to be competent or positive to maximaize Tigray Media. He killed it
Hadush: he leaked blogger name and payment last time. Is it him or Dawit? He denied
Zeray: both denied. They both have contacts with Jawar etc
Hadush: do you know this is treason. I will investigate
Zeray: I heard Dawit took the list from Gebiremeachael and gave to jawar, translated in Amharic but they cannot get matem…I will veryfay this info
Hadush: what about Daniel Birihanie? He is close to chairman. I hope he don’t do the same thing. Please verify. I will meet Debrtsi. This is serious. I will talk to you soon bye.

Zeray: Okay Daniel is honest for TPLF. He cannot do that. Ok we will talk
Hadush: others saying he has regular contact with Jawar
Zeray: yes, but I believe he can’t compromise TPLF by money…he doesn’t take money if it is TPLF. But Dawit can sell us for money
Hadush: Thank you for the info. This is important to know. We have plan to help blogers at federal office
Hadush: is there other than Dawit that you suspect. I told Gebre not to invite Dawit
Zeray: We must examine dawit. He is largely connected with telecommunications related cases against Debrish too…we must talk.
Hadush: we must talk. His email? How did he get password
Zeray: no no. Dawit should cover our conference now. We can deal him latter…kitirtir eyu
Hadush: Debrtsi is a cyber expert. Anduwalem Admassie is being investigated. It is ethio-telecome
Zeray: but dawit case is with bidding telecom related scandals
Hadush: I will ask Essayas to investigate this. Esayas INSA
Zeary: But I will contact you with one he knows this case. The brother of Shimelis Kemal knows him well. Dawit hizi gin yisatef…keitrtir meenti
Hadush: that’s bad I am angry..we gave second chance but..
Zeray: cool down until we verify. Dawit should cover our conference now then we will closely study him latter
Hadush: Okay. I will investigate. Don’t worry. They send Debrtsiwon a sex tape. He wants to know who found it. Tell me if you know the truth.
Zeray: I do no about this case but I will ask others who better know. 0931607748 call me. Solomon Wolidegebirel zibehal abti conference alo bloger…contact him he knows Dawit wellington

Hadush: this is Dawits work. I will infrom Debretsi
Zeray: by the way we can deeply infrom Debertsi and investigate him well…I was thinking to tell Debresti but I was collecting vital information
Hadush: you should
Zeray: I need time. Full time…to collect that….by the way contact Solomon wolidegerima.
Hadush: we can allocate budget for this…it is security issue
Zeary: yes, let’s fist meet and talk in detail fisrt Hadusha
Hadush: does Solomon know? I will call you when I return
Zearay: yes, he has vital information regarding the lists of us from Gebriemichael to Jawar
Zeray: thank you Hadusha Inspiring talk we exchanged today
Hadush: it is good to talk to you
Zeray: do not forget that money..I need it haha
Hadush: I will not forget. We will send bloggers to south Korea for training. I will tell you more..

Zeray: great, is basic to develop our capacity..good news
Hadush: there are two opportunities. One in south in Newyork. Negeri will be replace after congress… I will include you..
Zeray New York great for exposure and English proficiency
Hadush: does horn affairs have budget problem? Tell me honestly. We have a new plan.
Zeray: yes, Daniel does not care about money I know…I was angry at TPLF for not supporting this defar tegadaly who is fighting every extremists
Hadush: he make Abay angry on facebook. There was a budget but gebre decided to give it to others

Zeray: yes, he hates Abay for not being strong. He provides researches to NGO but recently he has connection with embassies in his legal profession..but we must also cross-check. We cannot be sure 100%
Hadush: that’s not true
Zeray: as far as I know hadush…lets organize and investigate them.
Hadush: He asked Dutch ambassador for money..they were disappointed. TPLF supports him GCAO (‘government communication affairs’) supports him . we pay him 33,000 for two articles for this conference. Others get 2,000 to 15,000
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