10 things that make Ethiopia extraordinary: CNN

Extraordinary Ethiopia

What sets Ethiopia apart from its African neighbors?
The excellent coffee?
The fact that it was never colonized?
Or that Rastafarians regard it as their spiritual home?
Or could it be the smooth, well-maintained roads, so rare on the continent, that make exploring the country by car such a joy?
After a 1,430-kilometer drive through Ethiopia’s Northern Circuit — up mountains, through Mars-like landscapes, into lost kingdoms of yore — we found 10 crucial things that define the country. This article was published in 2013 b
1. The best Italian restaurant in the world (according to Bob Geldof, anyway)
2. Italian-style coffee
3. Chinese roads
4. Tanks … lots of them
5. Underground churches
6. Martian landscapes
7. Men-only monasteries
8. The Ark of the Covenant
9. Roadside Rastafarians
10.. A fairy tale kingdom
This article was previously published in 2013. It was reformatted and republished in 2017 Raad more