Former member of Ethiopia Marxist regime apologizes in court | በደርግ ዘመን ህዝብን ያስገደለው አቶ እሸቱ አለሙ ጥፋቱን አመነ!


THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A former member of a Marxist group that seized control of Ethiopia in the 1970s in a bloody purge known as the Red Terror apologized Thursday for the regime’s many crimes but denied personal responsibility. In a dramatic confrontation with survivors in a Dutch courtroom, 63-year-old Eshetu Alemu accepted blame for the crimes of the Marxist rulers known as the Dergue nearly 40 years ago but insisted he did not carry out the crimes for which Dutch prosecutors hold him responsible. “I would apologize on my knees to these victims and, through them, to all of Ethiopia,” Alemu said. But, addressing allegations that he was responsible for the torture and murder of political …