ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia : All is not what it appears in the Ethiopian capital. Had you neglected to see the little group of men wearing hard caps talking about ‘lean assembling,’ you may have mixed up a month ago’s shoe production line visit for a religious celebration.

Wearing their finest Abyssinian outfits, a gathering of Ethiopian ladies welcomed visitors with flower petals as frankincense drifted through the air inside a working of colossal extents. Encompassed by neighborhood dignitaries in sharp suits viewing the master play out a rich espresso custom, the assignment of calmly dressed Americans looked justifiably hesitant.

“Gosh,” one mumbled to another, as he was given a cut of stylized himbasha bread. “Beyond any doubt wasn’t expecting this.”

For Gashaw Debebe, executive of the production line where the Americans were being engaged, this was a chance to make a special effort and hotshot his new 20,000-square-meter office.

“At the point when it’s finished in two months, it will create 10,000 sets of shoes for each day and 70 percent of that will be trade,” pronounced Debebe, whose organization Anbessa has produced shoes for any semblance of J Team and Harbor Footwear Gathering from its old premises in focal Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“We’re contributing now to enhance quality and profitability. We’re likewise acquiring expats for aptitude and to prepare staff about better consistence and all the new innovation we’re getting.”




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