In DC Area? Stay home tomorrow! From Accident Lawyer Paul Samakow!

Hello Friend —
I am not a highly religious person.  I do have a strong belief, and it was renewed last night.  I was one of thousands of people stranded on the Capital Beltway due to the frozen roadway, from the one inch of wet snow that fell.  I can take you through my journey, but who cares?  My point is that I felt, truly, as if my life were in jeopardy multiple times during the 6.5 hours I was out there.  In my all everything SUV, that as advertised could maintain control and do figure 8’s on an ice rink, well, I did, almost.  And, what happened to my vehicle was nothing compared to the multiple accidents I witnessed… cars sliding left to right, right to left, backwards down the slightest incline, and over and over into other cars, ditches, and off of the road.  Last night I was really afraid.  And I prayed.  And I remembered a class I took at my place of worship, where a film was shown about two students who were in a vehicle that was stranded among many in another storm someplace in middle America.  The students got out of their car and began to dance. Dance.  They shifted their mindsets.  They felt that their maker had other plans for them, not to get to their intended destination at the intended time, but, to be in the middle of that highway, and to dance.  Imparting joy to any who might see them.  My mindset shifted at about the 2 hour “stranded” mark of my evening.  I did not get out and dance, but the memory of seeing those students dance calmed me down a great deal and brought me joy, as I knew I was in that mess for a reason. That reason is to write this email.
My thought for you for tomorrow if you are in the Washington, D.C. area — do not put yourself at risk.  The weather-people are predicting a MAJOR storm.  Your work is simply not that important. You do not have to go in.  Stay home. Your family needs you. There is a reason things happen, whether you are religious, believe it or not..
I got through last night 100% unscathed.  No accident, hit nothing, nothing hit me.  I thanked God when I got home, then, inside, went upstairs and kissed my wife’s head as she slept, happy I experienced something that allowed me to write this email, with a different message for any and all who might benefit from reading it. Yes, a different message than I would have offered two days ago. Please, stay home tomorrow.



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