ACCT Student Wins First Prize at GIS Conference


October 21, 2015 – ACCT Student, Bolorchimeg (“Bolor”) Boldbaatar, put “ACCT on the map”, as she won FIRST PRIZE for her poster presentation at the 26th Annual GIS (Geographic Information System) Conference, Tuesday, at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Bolor’s project, a pilot study on LA County, California, is an analysis of the factors that can help an international student select a university or college that is right for them.  Bolor used GIS tools and techniques and a student’s perspective to assess what factors would determine an optimal college/university choice.

Utilizing GIS tools and technology Bolor looked at factors such as low crime areas, walking distance to bus, inexpensive apartments, close to stores, high employment areas, and locations of colleges and universities to identify the optimal universities for international students in Los Angeles County.

Bolor explained that as an international student from Mongolia, she understands how international students and their parents stress finding the correct “fit” for study in a new country.  She says the application of GIS technology, learned at ACCT, could be useful to colleges, recruiters, students and their families worldwide. Students and parents feel more comfortable having scientific tools to help them find the right school and city in which to live and study.

The GIS conference attracted hundreds of scientists, scholars, business people, and students from various universities, including 15 ACCT students and Prof Dr. Sergei Andronikov.

The conference showcased demonstrations of cutting edge GIS and mapping technology applications  in fields including transportation, medicine, law, pipeline engineering, electricity, elections, law enforcement and more

The conference is sponsored by The Virginia Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems, a professional association in Virginia designed to provide educational and networking opportunities for professionals who have an interest in the mapping sciences (including cartography, geographic and land information systems, surveying, engineering, geography, photogrammetry and land records management) in Virginia.

Dr. William Schipper, President and CEO of ACCT, says “I am very proud of Bolor, our GIS program, and her instructor, Dr. Sergei Andronilkov.  It’s a fantastic  accomplishment!”  Bolor cites the extraordinary support, push, and encouragement she got from Dr. Andronikov in developing her project.

Bolor has a M.A. in Higher Education, a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics, and decided to pursue the GIS program at ACCT to add to her professional repertoire.  All this, and she is the mother of 4 children ages 3-15 and works in the Business Office at ACCT.  Fantastic!



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