D.C. One Of Four U.S. Cities In Running For 2024 Olympic Bid


The United States Olympic Committee has announced that D.C., Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco are the final candidates being considered for the 2024 U.S. Olympic bid. Sorry (or congrats?), Dallas and San Diego.

“We’re extremely pleased with the level of interest U.S. cities have shown in hosting the Games,” USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said in a release. “Boston, LA, San Francisco and Washington have each given us reason to believe they can deliver a compelling and successful bid, and we look forward to continuing to explore the possibilities as we consider 2024.”

According to the release, the process began 16 months ago when the USOC reached out to 35 cities to gauge interest: “USOC leaders then spent the last six months focusing on discussions with a smaller group of interested cities that met the initial requirements of hosting the world’s largest sporting event.”

Now the “USOC will continue in-depth discussions with each of the cities.” If a bid is actually made, it will likely come in early 2015.

“We want to thank the U.S. Olympic Committee for their decision to include Washington in the final round of U.S. cities under consideration for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Russ Ramsey, chairman of Washington 2024, said in a release. “We fully support USOC’s effort to build a truly national bid that will garner global support, and we have no doubt that we can stand shoulder to shoulder with other world class cities in the U.S. and around the globe to build the best Games in history.”

“In recent years, Washington has become one of the most international, vibrant, global cities in America. We have more state-of-the-art sports infrastructure than any other U.S. city, three international airports, hotels, museums, embassies from around the globe, 170 languages spoken, world-class security and transportation – and yet Washington is an accommodating, fun, friendly and liveable city where Olympic athletes and their families will have the best Olympic experience possible. We have no doubt that spending the next decade imbuing the Olympic spirit into every corner of Washington, D.C. will have a lasting, unifying impact on our city, our country and on the world.”

An extremely informal poll conducted by DCist earlier this week found that 56 percent of the people who clicked on that post and took the poll don’t want D.C. to host the Olympics.

Source:- www.dcist.com


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