The Most African Man in the World


“The Most African Man in the World” by Jordan Chollette is based on the TV commercial “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” an advertisement by Dos Equis beer. The director, Jordan Chollette, my best friend Nebiel Faisel, and I were thinking of entertaining film ideas. After Chollette’s popular Video the “Hayfield Experience,” we thought that we could definitely make a funny, entertaining film.

So we sat down at Chipotle and wrote down many ideas. Then I thought, “Why not make an African version of that Dos Equis commercial?” Since I know so much about our culture, I thought I could make an appropriate video that was funny, but also informative.  I wore my traditional Ethiopian clothing and did many little scenes which, I think, turned out great.

This was a fun experience and I was happy to make a video that could make the Ethiopian community laugh. I love my culture and enjoy making jokes along with my dad. I also enjoy acting in Chollette’s films. I plan to make another video soon when Jordan returns for Spring break.


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