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Ethiopian traditional music icon, a co-founder of the Ethiopian Yellow pages and manager of Bawza Newspaper, Artist Yehunie Belay graduated with degree of associate...

Ethiopian Jewry to Celebrate Annual Sigd Holiday

Sigd means “prostration” or “bowing down” in Ge’ez, the ancient Ethiopian liturgical language.   Until the middle of twentieth century, the Jews of Ethiopia lived in...

ቋንቋና ባህልን ማወቅ – listen to the interview, Tizita Getie gave to the Voice...

ከሀገር ርቀዉ፤ በተለያየ የዓለም ክፍሎች የሚኖሩ ኢትዮጵያዉያን የሀገራቸዉን ቋንቋ ባህልና የማንነታቸዉን መለያ ለልጆቻቸዉ እንዴት እና በምን ዘዴ ያወርሳሉ? አንድ ሰው ማንነቱን ማለት ከመጣበት ወይም ከሚወለድበት...

Sintayehu Tilahun (Hibongo) Interview with Bawzatv 2013

Sintayehu Tilahun (Hibongo) Interview with Bawzatv 2013