Kuwaiti citizen ‘admits’ to killing his Ethiopian maid


KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: A Kuwaiti man is said to have admitted to killing his Ethiopian maid whose remains were accidentally found by a citizen Wednesday in a desert, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to initial Forensic report the maid was killed by a single fatal blow to the head. The interrogation with the accused showed he had buried the corpse of the victim to escape punishment.
The source added the Director of the Ahmadi Investigation Department Colonel Waleed Al-Drei and his assistant Major Salim Mardi followed up the case and assigned captains Yousef Yousef, and Khalaf Qabil to investigate the case after the remains were found buried in the desert.

Their investigations revealed the sponsor had filed a missing persons report on the maid 10 days before the remains were found.

The source said when the 33-year-old sponsor, identified only as F.A., was summoned for routine interrogation the officer was shocked when the sponsor easily confessed to murdering the woman.
He told the officer that he lost his temper when he discovered the maid was beating his children and on the night of the crime “I hit her on the head with a hard object but I did not intend to kill her.”

When she slumped on the floor, “I realized the blow was fatal. So I took the remains to the desert and buried them.”

The Al-Rai daily said the sponsor is a military man working for the Kuwaiti Army. The daily also said the man was always beating the maid and kept her starving for most of the time.

Source: Arab Times


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